Barakamon - Blu-ray/DVD

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Synopsis: "For a certain reason, a handsome young calligrapher by the name of Seishuu Handa uproots himself and moves to an island on the westernmost edge of Japan. "Sensei," as he comes to be known, is a city boy through and through, and has never experienced rural life until now. And by the looks of it, he has much to learn!

From navigating public roads by tractor to resigning himself to having his new digs commandeered by the local children as their new hangout, the list of Sensei's hardships is shaping up to be long indeed!"

Extras: Episode Commentary, Clean Opening & Closing sequences.

Product Details

Release Date: 31/07/17
BBFC Cert: 12
Episodes: 1-12
Discs: 4 (2 x BD+2 x DVD)
Audio: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Format: Blu-ray, DVD
Region: 2 | B

SRP: £44.99

NOTE: This is a Funimation title being distributed by Anime Limited in the UK.

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