Kill la Kill: Part 2 - Blu-ray



As they enter the final stages of the great King of the Hill battle, Ryuko must face Uzu Sanageyama again after defeating the other three members of the Elite Four. But, the combat is brought to a sudden halt when a mysterious girl clad in a gothic Lolita outfit and an eye patch suddenly appears...

Her name is Nui Harime and she claims to have killed Ryukos father, Dr. Matoi! What will Matoi do and why does Satsuki seem so unconcerned? Find out in the second part of Kill la Kill!

Contains episodes 10 to 19 of the series, with both the English dub and the original Japanese track with English subtitles. 

    Product Details

    Release Date: 25/04/16
    BBFC Cert: 15
    Format: Blu-ray
    Region: B
    Episodes: 10-19
    Audio: English, Japanese
    Subtitles: English

    SRP: £29.99

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