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Synopsis: "There once was a teen named Kosaku

Who was…mildly obsessed with an idol

He mailed her some veggies

To keep her bod healthy

And, SURPRISE, she showed up at ag school!

Now that Ringo (the pop artist formerly known as Yuka) is a student at Tamo Agricultural High School, she’s ready to ho, sow, and plow her way to the top! But first she has to learn…pretty much everything about farming. On top of that, Kosaku’s best friend, Minori, is waaaaaay jelly of his friendship with Ringo on account of her not-so-hidden feelings for him, and seeds of rivalry begin to sprout between the two. And the biggest mystery still remains: What’s a world famous pop star doing at an agricultural high school?

NOTE: This is a Funimation title being distributed by Anime Limited in the UK

No-Rin - Blu-ray
No-Rin - Blu-ray
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