Reconguista in G Movie 1: Go, Core Fighter - [IMPORT] Blu-ray Limited Edition

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Reconguista in G Movie Part 1: Go, Core Fighter “Perfect Pack” Blu-ray [IMPORT]

Synopsis: “Photon Batteries, Earth's energy source, are brought down from space via the Capital Tower protected by the Capital Guard. Bellri Zenam, a Capital Guard cadet, gets involved in fending off an attack of pirates during his first practical training session, and helps to capture them.

He feels something mysterious with the captive girl Aida and finds himself being somehow able to activate the high performance mobile suit that she calls "G Self ”.

Staged in Regild Century, the era that comes after Universal Century ends, the boys and girls advance directly towards the truth of the world through their adventures.”

NOTE: Only the main feature has English subtitles accompany Japanese audio. All additional contents included with this product are in Japanese only.

Audio: Japanese only.
Subtitles: English (for main feature only.)

Also set to be included* (*contents subject to change):

  • The product will be housed in a storage box featuring art by animation director Ikuro Kuwana and inner jacket art by mechanical designer Ippei Gyobu.
  • Special Description Guide - Mechas part (48 pages planned)
  • Booklet in Japanese and English (16 pages planned)
  • Bonus Blu-ray Disc including:
    ~ Documentary video on Yoshiyuki Tomino - Part I
    ~ Short videos "Mobile Suit School" (90 sec. x 3 ep.)
  • Storyboards vol.1 (600 pages planned)
  • Dubbing script (2 books)
  • 1st Promotional Clip
  • Short Interview Clips with General Director Tomino (2 clips)
  • Audio commentary
  • Storage box illustrated by Ikuro Kuwana (Animation Director)
  • Inner jacket illustrated by Ippei Gyobu (Mechanical Design)

*Subtitles are available for the main feature only. (Bonus footage does not include subtitles.) Final contents are subject to change.


Late January / Early February 2020

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Product Details:

Product Manufactured by: BANDAI NAMCO Arts (Japan)
Japanese Release Date: 
 January 2020           
Duration: Approx 104 mins (Main Feature only)                     
Audio (for main feature): 
Subtitles (for main feature): English
Format: Blu-Ray                 
Region: Region Free                     

SRP: £99.99

NOTE: This is not an Anime Ltd. / All The Anime product. This is a Japanese product manufactured by BANDAI NAMCO Arts in Japan. We are only taking pre-orders of this product until 5pm (UK) on 29th November 2019.

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