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All The Anime & Funimation Titles Release Schedule
**Please note all dates listed below are subject to change without warning**

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Here are releases we have coming over the next few months:


PLEASE NOTE: The list below does not include all releases planned during this time; there are more in the works and this page will be updated accordingly once all info is 100% confirmed and set.


1st October 2018
-- The Testament of Sister New Devil [Season 1] (standard Blu-ray)  

15th October
-- K: Missing Kings (Blu-ray+DVD Ltd Collector's  Ed., standard DVD)

29th October 2018
-- Amanchu! (Blu-ray Ltd Collector's Edition) *Subtitled only release*
-- March Comes in Like a Lion: Season 1 Part 1 (Blu-ray Ltd Collector's Edition)
-- The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST [season 2] (Ltd Collector's Ed. Blu-ray, standard DVD)
-- K: Return of Kings (Blu-ray Ltd Collector's Ed., standard DVD)
-- Lucky Star (standard Blu-ray)
-- Junjo Romantica: Season 1 (standard Blu-ray) *Subtitled only release*

12th November 2018
-- Gundam: Reconguista in G (standard Blu-ray)

19th November 2018
-- Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky (Blu-ray Ltd Collector's Edition) 
-- Junjo Romantica: Season 2 (standard Blu-ray)  *Subtitled only release* 

26th November 2018
-- Fireworks (Blu-ray/DVD Ltd Collector's Edition, Blu-ray, DVD)
-- March Comes in Like a Lion: Season 1 Part 2 (Blu-ray Ltd Collector's Edition)
-- Love Live! Sunshine!! (standard Blu-ray)
-- Shomin Sample* (Blu-ray)


3rd December 2018
-- Tokyo Ghoul Collection (Blu-ray) 

17th December 2018
-- Cowboy Bebop ULTIMATE EDITION Blu-ray
-- Exclusive Snow White with the Red Hair: Season 1 & 2 (Blu-ray Ltd Collector's Edition)



28th January 2019
-- Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms (Blu-ray/DVD Collector's Ed., Blu-ray, DVD)
-- Chaos Dragon* (Blu-ray, DVD)

25th February 2019
-- Dagashi Kashi* (Blu-ray, DVD)
-- Divine Gate* (Blu-ray, DVD)
-- Haruchika: Haruta & Chika* (Blu-ray, DVD)

Q1 2019 (Release dates to be confirmed)

-- Exclusive Pigtails and Other Short films from Production I.G (Blu-ray/DVD Ltd Collector's Edition)


PLEASE NOTE: The list above does not include all releases planned during this time; there are more in the works and this page will be updated accordingly once all info is 100% confirmed and set.


* Indicates titles we're distributing for Funimation in the United Kingdom.
Indicates titles we're distributing for Crunchyroll in the United Kingdom.


    We have many other releases in the works, but we haven't got any more information to share at this time. Stay tuned to our Newswire and our social media channels for updates!


    All The Anime on VICE UK 

    As well as our home video and digital releases, we've also partnered with Viceland UK to bring some of the hottest anime titles to television screens across the country! The channel has already screened classic TV series and films old and new such as Cowboy Bebop, Tokyo Ghoul and Perfect Blue, and continues to bring new titles to you on a regular basis.

    You can currently find Vice UK on

    • Sky channel 183
    • Virgin channel 219
    • TalkTalk channel 338
    • Now TV


    Here's what's in rotation showing on Vice UK (check listings for times)

    • Cowboy Bebop (also available on home video)
    • Durarara!! Season 1 (also available on home video)
    • Eureka Seven (also available home video)
    • Gurren Lagann (also available on home video)
    • Tokyo Ghoul Seasons 1 & 2 (also available on home video
    • Tokyo Ghoul:re
    • Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
    • Full Metal Panic (also available on home video)

    You can find the precise schedule updated daily on the Viceland web site.


    Online Simulcasts

    Here's our list of current simulcasts that you can stream each week

    Tokyo Ghoul:re (season 3)
    Sword Art Online: Alicization

    Gakuen Basara: Samurai High School

    NOTE: Please stay tuned to the respective platforms channels for any scheduling amendments/updates.


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