Attack on Titan - Original Soundtrack 1

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Loved the Attack on Titan series or just really want a dramatic soundtrack to listen to the manga to?  Look no further than here anyway as we have the best in-series music from Attack On Titan here as part of OST 1.  Music by Hiroyuki Sawano and does not contain either opening or closing sequence tune we're afraid!

Track listing:

1. Attack On Titan
2. The Reluctant Heroes
3. Eye-Water
4. Rittaikidou
5. Counter Attack-Mankind
6. Army-Attack
7. Vogel Im Kafig (feat. Cyua)
8. Doa
9. ???????Titan
10. E.M.A
11. Titan??9chiku
12. Bauklotze
13. 2chijou
14. Xl-Tt
15. Call Your Name
16. Omake-Pfadlib

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