Brothers Conflict - Blu-ray

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Synopsis: Hinata Ema is the only daughter of a famous adventurer, Hinata Rintarou. One day, Ema learns that Rintarou is going to remarry with a successful apparel maker named Asahina Miwa. Since she doesn't want to disturb them, Ema decides to move out and live with her 13 new brothers in a mansion called Sunrise Residence. As they live under the same roof, romance is starting to grow between Ema and the Asahina brothers.

Contains the complete series with both the English dub and the original Japanese track with English subtitles.

Extras: Episode 9 & 12 episode commentaries, 3 bonus episodes: 12.5 "Desperate Desire", OVA 1 "Holy Night" & OVA 2 "Main Squeeze", and Textless Opening & Ending title sequences.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/03/17
BBFC Cert: 15
Episodes: 1-12
Discs: 2
Region: B
Audio: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Format: Blu-ray only

SRP: £34.99

NOTE: This is a Funimation title being distributed by Anime Limited in the UK.

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