Kiss Him, Not Me - DVD

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From the studio that brought you Durarara!! and My Little Monster

Synopsis: "Kae Serinuma believes one thing - princes belong together! As an avid boys’ love fan, she loves nothing more than fantasizing about faux relationships between the boys at her school. But when she loses weight due to the stress of her favorite anime character suddenly dying, the boys want…her?! From pretty average to prettiest girl, Kae just wants these boys to date each other, not her!"

Includes the complete series (12 episodes) in both English and original Japanese with English subtitles.

Product Details

Release Date: 30/04/2018      
BBFC: 12                                   
Audio: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Format: DVD               
Region: 2         
No. of discs: 2                      
Runtime: 300 mins (main feature)

SRP: £29.99

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