Noragami Aragoto - Blu-ray Collector's Edition

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The second season of the hit show "Noragami" has arrived!

Life for minor god Yato isn’t getting any easier. He’s still broke, shrineless, and his partner-slash-sword-regalia has zero respect for him. Worse yet, Bishamon, one of the deadliest war gods, is after his life. Blaming him for the death of her past regalia, she won’t stop until she kills him. But there’s more to that story than she could ever realize. Can Yato take on a god as powerful as Bishamon?

Contains the complete second season of the series of "Noragami" in English and original Japanese with subtitles.

Comes packed in a rigid case with the complete second and art cards. The box also has space to fit the first season of Noragami (sold separately; released by Manga Entertainment.)

On-Disc Extras: Episode 6 Video Commentary, Episode 8 & 13 commentary, Textless Opening & Closing songs, Promo Videos. 

Product Details

Release Date: 29/05/17
BBFC Cert: 15
Episodes: 1-13
Format: Blu-ray
Region: B
Audio: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English

SRP: £59.99

NOTE: This is a Funimation title being distributed by Anime Limited in the UK.

NOTE: This is a Limited Edition product. There will be no reprinting of this product. Once it appears as out-of-stock we do not expect there to be more stock available.

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