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The festive season is upon us and for the very first time our store is around for it!  So we thought how better to celebrate our second Christmas in existence than by running some promotions and deals!

We thought long and hard about it and came up with a way to keep our esteemed president busy and came up with “The Twelve Days of Andrew drawing DVD covers”.  For those that remember, he did this for Gurren Lagann before and given the high quality, we feel some kind of support group is needed for those who see them.  This is going to take the form of a special offer per day!

Starting on Thursday the 4th of December until the 16th - we’ll be running a deal a day along with his artwork!  


Each day a new deal will start at 09:00 and run until 18:00 in the evening - it’ll be a deep discount (at least 50% off the SRP) and all stock will be non-returnable and all sales final (unless damaged in transit etc, normal consumer rules of course apply).  Shipments will go out the next business day via Royal Mail unless otherwise upgraded.

Here’s a breakdown of the start end end titles to whet people’s appetites ;).

1. Thursday the 4th of December - Cowboy Bebop (Blu-Ray standard collection) -> SRP: £39.99 | Sale Price: £??.??
2. Friday the 5th of December - ???
3. Saturday the 6th of December - ???
4. Sunday the 7th of December - ???
5. Monday the 8th of December - ???
6. Tuesday the 9th of December - ???
7. Wednesday the 10th of December - ???
8. Thursday the 11th of December - ???
9. Friday the 12th of December - ???
10. Saturday the 13th of December - ???
11. Sunday the 14th of December - ???
12. Monday the 15th - Kill la Kill (Blu-Ray Collector’s) -> SRP: £59.99 | Sale Price: £??.??

Note - Kill la Kill Collector’s Edition is the remainder stock from MCM London so is 0.4 seconds out of synch on Episode 4 of the English dub track.  This is the only reason it is in the line-up and is a clearance on stock we couldn’t get discs changed.  

Anyone buying it will receive an email before purchase is finalised reminding them of this as exchanges / replacements etc are not possible so you’re buying it knowing that!

We’ll also be mailing a lucky-dip money off voucher to everyone who buys during the campaign after.  On it will be a unique discount for between 5% and 25% off and one very lucky £100 voucher.


Sorry folks - due to shipping costs etc, it’s only open to people within the UK & Republic of Ireland in this case!


Excluding Kill la Kill (where all shop copies sent out were perfectly fine so don’t qualify), we’ll send you all a voucher for the difference between the sales price and the actual from the shop.  Purchases must have been made from our shop and between the 1st of November until the 27th of November.

WHAT WILL BE IN THIS PROMOTION (i.e. should I cancel my pre-order for anything)?

Anything out in December (Space Dandy, Patema Inverted etc) won't be in the promotion!  Likewise November items like Kill la Kill will stay out of it too except for the copies with the 0.4 seconds out of sync :).

Outside of that anything else is game and could come up so watch this space....


Well we’d be lying if we said nothing - there’s a few presentational surprises for the packages too as they’re sent so watch this space ;).

Also - keep an eye for New Year’s day as we’ll have something special going on there too with a chance to win some cool prizes too so watch this space ;).

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