Frequently Asked Questions

This page is split into two sections
1) Frequently Asked Questions relating to ordering/orders placed at
and 2) Frequently Asked Questions about specific titles we release/distribute.

NOTE: As of 21st Sept. 2017 please direct all order queries to | previously this was directed to another email address.

Frequently Asked Questions relating to our 12 Days of Christmas promotion

Our annual 12 Days of Christmas one day only deals return to from 1st-12th December 2018 with a new special offer every day starting at 5pm.
Please make sure you read all the terms and conditions in the listing for the product before ordering. There are differences to T&Cs from last year..

  • We know some of you may want to try and budget or at least plan in some way for what may be hitting your bank accounts over the next few weeks. So what we can tell you is that you can expect:
    • Deep discounts on a variety of products - including some that may make your jaws drop
    • Special unique bundle opportunities you won't find anywhere else
    • Some special returning offers you may have missed during 2018
    • Your chance to pre-order upcoming releases of ours for that day only at a great early bird price.


  • There will be no duplicate products included across different offers during this promotion. So if you order a particular title on offer on one particular day, it will not be involved in any other offer as part of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion.


  • We can also tell you that the final offer (on 12th Dec.) will be what has become the fan favourite offer from last few years, the "Staff Picks Mystery Box~!"

    There will be three Mystery Boxes available: 
    • A standard DVD version 
    • “Team Production Limited Collector's Edition” Blu-ray version, each including a hand-picked title by different members of the AllTheAnime Production team. (5 titles will be included.)
    • and a “Team Marketing Limited Collector’s Edition” Blu-ray version. This one including hand-picked titles from our Marketing & Events Teams. (5 titles will be included.)

      NOTE: The two Blu-ray Mystery Boxes will not have any identical titles.

(And just to put this out there, any title included in any of the Mystery Boxes will not have been part of any previous offer as part of our 12 Days of Christmas promotions, however it's worth noting that not all titles may differ between the Blu-ray and DVD Mystery Boxes)

    • It’s worth noting from the outset that the two Blu-ray Mystery Boxes are limited to 500 units each. And the DVD box is limited to 200 units. (If past years are anything to go by, this will be a very popular offer! So don’t delay on ordering this when the offer begins at 5pm on 12th December.)
    • What will you get? It's a mystery! But it will be well worth it!
      The two Blu-ray Mystery Boxes are priced at £39.99 each, and will each include 5 titles to add to your collection. (So if you buy both boxes, that’s 10 titles to add to your collection!)
    • If you opt for purchasing the DVD Mystery Box (priced at £29.99) you will get 5 titles to add to your collection. 

NOTE: While there is a planned list of titles to be included in the each Mystery Box, titles are subject to change should there be any availability issues with stock. (At the end of the day, every Ltd Collector's Ed. set released is a one-time-print run.)

Should the need arise, an alternative will be included in its place.


A few extra details for you:

  • There will be a mixture of offers on already released titles and pre-orders for upcoming releases.

  • Some listings will have a set number of units available as part of that particular promotion. Please see the listing itself on the day it is active.

  • All Collector's Edition, Ultimate Edition and Deluxe Edition products are limited in quantity, due to them all being a one-time print run. As such products of this nature will only be available while stock lasts. This also applies to any bundles and Mystery Boxes offers.

    NOTE: 1: If you include any product(s) in addition to an item that's part of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion, they may be dispatched separately, or at different times. All orders will be shipped when stock is available.

    NOTE: 2: For any products ordered as part of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion that is a pre-order, said product will be dispatched when stock is available. We aim for this to be by day of release or sooner if possible, but times can vary.


  • *To all customers who have not ordered from us before*
    Please take a few minutes to read through our detailed F.A.Q further down this page.
  • Purchase Restrictions
    For all promotions during days 1-11 of the 12 Days of Christmas at, customers will be limited to 3 units* of any 1 item on offer during the sale. Any orders exceeding that limit may be cancelled without warning at our discretion.

    *For the Mystery Box offer on day 12 specifically, each customer is limited to 2 units of each Mystery Box on offer. Again, any orders exceeding that limit may be cancelled without warning at our discretion.
  • Refunds for Bundle Offers purchased during 12 Days of Christmas at
    If you purchase any item labeled as a bundle during 12 Days of Christmas we are more than happy to refund but only on basis that all items are still brand new and sealed and that all items as part of the bundle are returned. We will not refund any one item included as part of a bundle.

    Obviously if any item arrives damaged or is faulty, this will be handled as per our regular exchange policy as noted on the F.A.Q. page HERE.
  • How long will it take for orders to be dispatched?
    Items will be dispatched as soon as possible but due to expected order volumes, we please ask to allow at least  7 working days for dispatch of orders - excluding any pre-order products, which will be dispatched by date or release of sooner if possible. 

And that's what you need to know! The new deal will appear on this page every day at 5pm from 1st - 12th December.

Make sure you read ALL the terms and conditions in the respective listings before ordering. Also, please note and make yourself familiar with your general shop F.A.Q. below. Thank you for your custom!

Frequently Asked Questions relating to ordering/orders placed at

1) When is payment for an order taken?

Payment is taken within 24-72 hours following the order being placed. (This applies to both in-stock items and pre-orders.) 


2) When will a pre-order be shipped?

Typically we aim to ship all pre-orders in time for week of release, but is entirely dependant on availability of stock and allocation of stock


3) If I place an order for an in-stock item and a pre-order, will they be sent separately or together?

This will be what is known as a split shipment, where the in-stock item will be sent immediately and the pre-order item will be sent once stock is available. (There is no additional shipping cost for this.)

Products are shipped Monday-Friday. If an in-stock product is ordered over a weekend (or during a public holiday) it won't be dispatched until next working day.


4) How much is postage?

Postage via Royal Mail for UK orders are free. Tracked Shipping is also available at extra cost (see Question 12 for details.)

Shipping to Republic of Ireland (R.O.I.) is also free.


4) Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, but there is an extra charge for this.
NOTE: No tracking number is provided for international shipments.


5) When will an upcoming title be available to pre-order?

Generally a forthcoming title will be listed on our web shop within 1 month of the product being released. There are exceptions to this rule though.


6) What region coding are your releases?

All our releases are locked to DVD Region 2 and Blu-ray Region B. These are the default region codings for all hardware the UK & Ireland. 


7) What language options are there on your releases?

The majority of our releases include English language audio and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles, though there are instances in where a title of ours may not include English language audio.

NOTE: Language options are listed in each product listing on this website. So do please double check before ordering.

the titles we have in our catalogue that do not have an English language audio option, also known as a subtitle-only release, are:

8) Where are you based?

       We are based in the UK. Glasgow, Scotland specifically.


9) What currency are orders placed in at your web shop?

We can only charge for products in Pounds Sterling (GBP).
(Please note: for international orders we are not responsible for any additional bank charges that are made because of currency conversion.)


10) Will I get a confirmation email of my order being placed?

Yes. This will be sent to the email address of your account with our site or with the email address input during the checkout process. This confirmation will included your order number.


11) How long does shipping take?

Orders for in-stock products are processed and usually dispatched by our fulfilment company within 24-48 hours (working days only).

NOTE #1: Merchandise items (i.e. non-DVD or Blu-ray products) are usually dispatched 7-10 working days after the order is placed.

NOTE #2: Products are shipped Monday-Friday before 1pm. If an in-stock product is ordered after midday on a Friday, over a weekend or during a public holiday it may not be dispatched until next working day at the earliest.

- For UK orders, though we anticipate it to be much quicker, we ask to allow up 7 working days for delivery (from when an order had been noted as fulfilled.)

- For international orders we ask to allow up 30 days for delivery from when your order has been fulfilled (though we anticipate it to arrive quicker than that.)

NOTE #3:
 During a sale period at, depending on demand it may take longer for orders to be fulfilled. That said we will always try our best to fulfil items as quickly as possible. Please feel free to email us on for any queries about the status of your order.


12) What is Tracked Shipping? (*Available to U.K. orders only)

The tracked shipping option allows us to keep track of the status of the delivery, but it does not provide a tracking number for you to be able to keep track of it yourself. 

This may seem strange, but this service does allow us to be able to find out what happened to your parcel should something occur during delivery. 


13) Is there a way keep track of the status of my order?

Yes, if you log into your account you'll be able to see the status of your orders. (If your order is shipping via courier with a tracking number, we will supply you with a tracking number you can use to monitor the progress of the delivery.)


13) How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order please send an email to including your full name and order number with a request to cancel your order. Please note once a product has shipped cancelling an order is not possible. 

NOTE: If more than 30 days has passed since your order was placed payment will be refunded via PayPal. Please include the email address linked to your PayPal account when requesting an order cancellation.


14) How do I change my shipping address on an order I've placed?

      To do this please send an email to, including your order
      number and the address you want updated.

NOTE: This has to be done prior to a product being shipped. Once a product has been shipped the address cannot be updated. 

15) If a release date changes, will I get a notification of this?

      No. We do not have the facility to provide notifications if/when a change to a release
      date occurs. However, we encourage you to keep an eye our dedicated Release
      Schedule page HERE.


16) I noticed you're exhibiting at an event I'm attending. Can I place an order at and collect it at the event?

No, this is not possible due to data protections laws it's impossible as the staff at our events differ to our web shop.


17) What is your returns policy?

We are more than happy to exchange a product, providing it meets the following conditions within 30 days of the order being dispatched for shipping -

~ If you receive a product and there is damage to the outside (casing) of it, we are happy to exchange this for a new for copy you, providing it is still sealed and unopened. To arrange for an exchange for this reason please email with your order number and photos of the damage.

~ If you receive your order and you discover there is damage inside the product after you have opened it for the first time within 30 days of it being dispatched for shipping, we are happy to exchange this for a new one. 
To arrange for an exchange for this reason please email with your order number and photos of the damage.

NOTE: When arranging an exchange we ask the customer to send the product back to our offices in Glasgow - address will be supplied when you contact about this. 

The customer must pay the shipping cost to return the item, but this cost will be refunded in the form of a coupon code for use on our web shop or through PayPal.
*Anime Limited/ DOES NOT provide pre-paid shipping labels for any returns.*

Replacement copies will only be shipped when the original product has been received at our offices in Glasgow.


18) I have query about my order / I have a question that's not answered above, who should I contact? 

Please send an email to for all queries. (If your query is about an order you have placed please include your order number and (should it differ) the name the order was placed under.)  

NOTE: Our offices are closed over the weekend. Any queries sent during a weekend may not receive a response until the next working day at the earliest.


Frequently Asked Questions about specific titles we release/distribute

19) Will you release the Fairy Tail series on Blu-ray or distribute the 'Collection' sets?

When it comes to Fairy Tail, we took over distribution of the series from Part 10 specifically. At time of writing (July 2017) we are only distributing the individual 'Part' releases on DVD. The reason for this is we want to make sure the U.K. releases can catchup as quickly as possible to where they are up to elsewhere.

For context: there was a long period of time where there were no Fairy Tail releases at all in the United Kingdom, so catching up as quickly as possible on DVD is our top priority for distributing this title to ensure fans have an opportunity to add the series to their collection.

Once we have caught up (or should it be sooner than that) we will explore the possibility of releasing the 'Collection' style sets (that combine two 'Parts' into one set) and/or Blu-ray releases. However we want to stress at this time we can't comment on whether releases of either of those will actually be possible or not. But please know it is something that will be looked into.


20) You've released a Ltd Collector's Edition set of [Insert title] will there be a standard edition version?


When we release a Ltd Collector's Edition set (be a Blu-ray only or Blu-ray+DVD set), there will be a standard DVD version available at the same time or shortly thereafter - though there can be exceptions to that. For example, there are some titles that we can only release on Blu-ray.

A standard edition Blu-ray release will follow in the future, but it may be a long time before it can be released. This can happen for a number of reasons, it varies from title to title, but as an example it could be that this was part of the terms of licensing a title.

One case in point was our releases of the series Kill la Kill. Because we released the Ltd Collector's Edition sets, it meant we could bring it to the UK much sooner than waiting for a standard Blu-ray and/or DVD release; which ultimately we were only able to do a few years after the Collector's Edition sets were released.


21) Any news on your release of [insert title]?

All future releases are subject to approvals and being signed off before they can be produced. Sometimes this can take far longer than anyone could anticipate. So it is our policy not discuss specific potential plans for a title until everything has been signed off.

We appreciate it's not ideal for everyone, but the last thing we want to do is announce details of a title prior to it being signed off, only to find our we can't deliver on what was announced.


22) I see you've released a subtitle only collection of Lupin the 3rd: Part IV, but there is an English dub of the series. Can you please explain this?

This a very unique set of circumstances, so we ask you please see THIS POST AT OUR BLOG and scroll towards the bottom of the post where there is very detailed information about this.


Information above last updated 12th November 2018.
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