Princess Jellyfish

From the director of Durarara!!

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Free! The Final Stroke

Haruka finally arrives in Sydney, the dream destination for his world-class competitive swimming aspirations. As he steps into this new frontier, he is faced with his friends and rivals from the All Japan Invitational, including the current world champion Albert Volandel. In order to stand at the very top of the world, Haru may need to make sacrifices, including his dream of swimming with his friends.

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Coming soon to cinemas


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The stop-motion masterpiece - In cinemas 24th April


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SPY x FAMILY Original Soundtrack

Enjoy the fantastic soundtrack which accompanies the hottest anime simulcast of the spring, and relive the joys of SPY x FAMILY via its musical wonders.

SPY x FAMILY Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 is available now across a wide range of digital platforms.

Manga and light novels

Expand your horizons - manga and light novels from J-Novel Club and Denpa are here and ready to order!

Music from the Netflix series

Cowboy Bebop

Yoko Kanno and the band SEATBELTS, the artists behind the music in the original anime series of Cowboy Bebop, have returned to bring their signature dynamic, jazzy sound to the Netflix live-action show. The resulting compositions are characters themselves - constant companions to the crew of the Bebop and brimming with just as much personality.

This release is a treat for Bebop fans, featuring over twenty new tracks only available on vinyl! This wide release is pressed on red vinyl discs in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves.

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Attack on Titan Season 3

It's once again the hot topic amongst anime fans, so what better time to immerse yourself in the music of Attack on Titan?

Continue our journey through the show's sonic landscapes and pre-order Season 3 from our incredible range of Attack on Titan vinyl collections. Why not pick up a copy of our Season 1 and 2 OSTs at a special price into the bargain too?

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