Attack on Titan: Season 1 Soundtrack - CD


Loved the Attack on Titan series or just really want a dramatic soundtrack to listen to the manga to? Look no further than here anyway as we have the best in-series music from Attack On Titan here as part of the Season 1 Official Soundtrack CD.

This is the music by famed composer, Hiroyuki Sawano and does not contain either opening or closing sequence tune we're afraid!


1. Attack On Titan
2. The Reluctant Heroes
3. Eye-Water
4. Rittaikidou
5. Counter Attack-mankind
6. Army-Attack
7. Vogel im Kafig
8. DOA
9. 凸】♀】♂】←titan
10. E.M.A
11. Titan♀~9chiku
12. Bauklotze
13. 2Chijou
14. XL-TT
15. Call Your Name
16. Omake-Pfadlib
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Estimated shipping date: Mid-late September 2020
Format: CD
Label: All The Anime Music
Cat. no.: ANIM0001

SRP: £11.99

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