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About Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea Image Album

Studio Ghibli's ''Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea'' gets its first vinyl release, as part of the best-selling vinyl series featuring legendary composer Joe Hisaishi.

An image album edition of Joe Hisaishi's memorable soundtrack to Studio Ghibli's 2008 anime hit 'Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea'. There are ten tracks on this vinyl, including the insanely catchy theme song, 'Himawari No Ie No Rinboukyoku' performed by Mai, and two tracks from duo Fujimaki Fujioka.

Perfect for audiences of all ages, Ponyo centers on the friendship between five-year-old Sosuke and a magical goldfish named Ponyo, the young daughter of a sorcerer father and a sea-goddess mother. After a chance encounter, Ponyo yearns to become a human so she can be with Sosuke. As to be expected with Miyazaki, the film is awash in pure unbridled imagination and visual wonder - but it is the tender love, humour, and devotion exhibited by Ponyo and Sosuke that form the emotional heart of the film.

Remastered and released in a deluxe edition with new jacket artworks and liner notes, available for the first time on vinyl record!

Track Listing

Track listing:

Side A

01 Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea 2:46
02 The Coral Tower 2:40
03 Ponyo Comes 3:37
04 Mother of the Sea 4:36
05 The Sisters 4:00

Side B

06 Fujimoto's Theme 3:29
07 The Light Signal 4:29
08 Ponyo's Lullaby 1:48
09 Real Feelings 3:11
10 Rondo of the House of Sunflowers 4:10

Product details
Estimated Shipping Date: 30/08/2021

Format: 1 x 12" vinyl record
Playback speed: 33rpm
Packaging size: 313mm x 313mm
Label: Studio Ghibli

Price: £64.99

NOTE: This is a Limited Edition product. If/When it appears as out-of-stock we do not expect there to be more stock available.

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