Hunter x Hunter - 3X LP Vinyl Soundtrack - Meruem variant


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About Hunter x Hunter vinyl soundtrack

Tiger Lab Vinyl is proud to present a score to a modern cultural phenomenon, Hunter x Hunter. Composed by Yoshihisa Hirano, this fan favourite is jam packed with over 70 tracks crammed into a single release and spanning over 3 LPs.

This "Meruem" variant sports a green and purple splatter vinyl variant.

Track Listing

Side A
01 The World of Adventurers ~ 完全版
02 銀髪の少年
03 緋色の瞳の哀歌
04 All I Need Is MONEY!
05 ハンター☆マーチ
06 航海
07 奇術師のバイレ
08 猛者どもの睥睨
09 一騎討ち!.wav
10 Boys, Be Courageous!
11 夢を追いかけて
12 Beyond the Seas
13 くじら島より

Side B
14 朝市にて
15 ハンター☆パレード
16 Get Funky!
17 I Ain't オジサン!
18 虎視眈眈
19 走れ!
20 Mystic Land
21 幻影の挽歌
22 迷妄
23 銀髪のララバイ
24 父の背中
25 仲間ということ。
26 夕日に向かって
27 departure! [TVサイズ] *Composed By Masatoshi Ono

Side C
28 Just Awake [TVサイズ] *Composed By Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas
29 Requiem Aranea
30 逆十字の男
31 The Mad Bailaor
32 鎖野郎
33 Latent Power
34 野の春
35 暗殺一家の館
36 Try Your Luck
37 Realized Capacity
38 居合の狂人
39 銀髪の眼光
40 クモのカンツォーネ

Side D
41 Donkies
42 Take a Walk
43 Dr. Warm-Hearted Miser
44 Death Agony
45 Auras
46 Innocence of Assassin
47 Go on!
49 根性出して!
50 その凶漢、膂力絶倫
51 Dirge from Dark Side
52 Departure for Strings
53 Go on, Gon!

Side E
54 Kingdom of Predators (キメラアント編)
55 Hegemony of the Food Chain (キメラアント編)
56 Man-Hunting (キメラアント編)
57 Elegy of the Dynast (キメラアント編)-
58 Rhapsody on the Theme of Holst (キメラアント編)
59 Soldier Ants (キメラアント編)
60 Riot (キメラアント編)
61 In the Palace~ Lamentoso (キメラアント編)

Side F
62 Sudden Evolution (キメラアント編)
63 Hopeless War (キメラアント編)
64 New Mutation (キメラアント編)
65 Obvious Difference of Power (キメラアント編)
66 Legend of the Martial Artist (キメラアント編)
67 In the Palace~ Agitato (キメラアント編)
68 Scariness (キメラアント編)
69 Understanding (キメラアント編)
70 G・I Theme (G・I 編)
71 You Can Be Stronger (G・I 編)
72 Holding a Card File (G・I 編)
73 Who's the Bomber_ (G・I 編)

Product details

Estimated Shipping Date: November 2021

Format: 3 x 12" vinyl record
Playback speed: 33rpm
Packaging size: 313mm x 313mm
Label: Tiger Labs Vinyl

Price: £39.99

NOTE: This is a Limited Edition product. If/When it appears as out-of-stock we do not expect there to be more stock available.

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