Urotsukidoji II - Official Soundtrack Vinyl


Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb by Masamichi Amano

Featuring the original score as composed and performed by Masamichi Amano, pressed on green smoke vinyl.

The most notorious title in anime produces a cult classic of legendary synthwave that was made to be pressed on wax.

Composed by Masamichi Amano

Side A
1. Experiment in 1944 - Vrill Society HQ
2. The Great Air Raid
3. Skyscraper Ceremony
4. Main Title
5. Raider at the Prison Gates
6. Guardian
7. Forbidden Ruins
8. Mimi's Theme
9.Jumbo Fiery Crash
10. Blood Transfusion

Side B
11. Performance of the Mu Orchestra
12. Campus Theme II
13. Training Hall
14. Megumi & Takeaki
15. Takeaki's Theme
16. Munchausen's Scheme
17. Observation Viewer
18. Peeping Room

Side C
19. Flying Date
20. Kohouki / Sky Rape
21. Battle in the Yokohama Sky
22. Black Magic in 1948
23. The Beast Within
24. Mysteries of the Future
25. Illusion
26. Nagumo's Decision

Side D
27. Completion of the Ritual
28. Megumi's Scream
29. Battle Atop the Roofs of Shinjuku
30. A Strike from Fate
31. Rebirth of the Mad King


Product Details

Estimate Shipping date: Sept. 2020
Format: 2 x 12" 180g vinyl record
Playback speed: 33rpm
Packaging size: 313mm x 313mm
Label: Tiger Labs Vinyl

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