Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride Volume 9



Written by Fuminori Teshima with art by COMTA.


On to the honeymoon! Zagan has decided to introduce Nephy to Orias both as a means to cheer her up from her anxieties of healing Kuroka's eyes, as well as to gain more information on Archdemon Shere Khan.

However, Orias herself has vanished, leaving behind the message, "I'm going to retrieve Azazel's Staff." Thus, the two of them depart for the Holy Cut, the headquarters of the church, to chase after her.

And in order to avoid any unnecessary suspicion, they decide to pose as a newlywed couple!

Product Details

Release Date: 21/01/2021      
Pages: 250

SRP: £10.99

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