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About This Title

Following the release of Lo-Fi Ghibli in 2022; lo-fi hip-hop covers of classic Ghibli songs, the underground hip-hop producer Grey October Sound and P-VINE delight to release a cover album of lo-fi hip-hop arrangements of Japanese City-Pop classics!

After their succssesfully debut for worldwide with "Lo-Fi Ghibli", Grey October Sound is gaining recognition not only in Japan but also in overseas. The album features world-famous city-pop classics covered in lo-fi hip-hop arrangements, including covers of "Mayonaka no Door ~ stay with me" by Miki Matsubara, "Fly-Day Chinatown" by Yasuha and Taeko Onuki's "Tokai", which opened up the recent global popularity of city pop, as well as classic tracks by Tatsuro YamashitaMariya Takeuchi and Yumi Arai. The cute artwork with the traditional style of Lo-Fi Girl and city pop is by Rika Hase, who also designed the Lo-Fi Ghibli cover.

Product contents

Packaging and Physical Contents:

- Presented in Gatefold packaging
- Black vinyl
- Music by Grey October Sound
- Artwork by Rika Hase

Track listing

01. Fly-Day CHINA TOWN (Yasuha)
02. Plastic Love(Mariya Takeuchi)
03. Mayonaka no Door ~ stay with me(Miki Matsubara)
04. Tokai(Taeko Onuki)
05. Anohi ni Kaeritai(Yumi Arai)
06. Kanashimi-Ga-Tomaranai(Anri)
07. Kimi wa 1000% (1986 OMEGA TRIBE)
08. Amaku Kiken na Kaori(Tatsuro Yamashita)
09. Mr. Summertime(Circus)
10. DOWN TOWN(Sugar Babe)
11. Mayonaka no Door ~ stay with me (Ver.2)(Miki Matsubara)

    Product Details

    Release Date: 31/07/2023   
Format: 12" 180g Vinyl Record 

    No. of discs: 1  
    Label: P-VINE Records
    Cat. no.: PLP-7982                         

    SRP: £39.99

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