One Piece New World: The Original Soundtrack vinyl



About One Piece New World: The Original Soundtrack vinyl

Limited edition vinyl release containing highlights of the One Piece Original Soundtrack from a variety of its story arcs, across 2x 12" LPs, and pressed on red and yellow vinyl.

Track Listing
Side A - Sabaody/Fishman Island/Punk Hazard

- To the New World!!
- Rebirth! The Straw Hat Pirates
- Jinbei Strait
- Surgeon of Death
- Master's Scornful Laughter
- Enemies Appear
- Spirit Of Guru
-The Weak Power Strengthens!
- A Man's Battle

Side B - Dressrosa

- I Think Of The Past
- Go Go! The Straw Hat Pirates!!
- Country of Love, Passion & Toys, Dressrosa
- Frenzy! Colosseum
- Donquixote Doflamingo
- Trafalgar Law
- Admiral "Fujitora"
- Violet's Dance of Passion
- Love Cannot Be Stopped
- Fight in the Colosseum
- Fierce Battle in the Colosseum

Side C - Dressrosa / Zou

- Revolutionary Army's Chief of Staff, Sabo
- Gear Fourth
- Ballad of Sadness
- Approaching! Birdcage Encirclement
- Doflamingo ~Overwhelming Force~
- The Thousand Year Island, Zou
- Garuchu~!!
- The Mink Tribe's Battle
- The Samurai and Mink Tribe's Bond
- Dressrosa's Hidden Secrets
- Brook ~Healing Violin~
- Eyecatch ~New World Version~

Side D - 3D2Y/Heart of Gold

- To the Origin of Ace!
- Main Title ~ Teachings of Rayleigh
- Things We Desired
- World VS Luffy: Final Battle
- Destroyer of the World! World
- Loneliness, Solitude
- Gathering of the Straw Hat Pirates! Towards Battle
- Releasing the Trap
- Straw Hat Pirates VS Mad Treasure
- Luffy, to Victory
- Escape from Bonbori-sama
- Next Time Preview ~We Go! Version
Product details
Estimated Shipping Date: 19/12/2022

Format: 2 x 12" vinyl record
Playback speed: 33rpm
Packaging size: 313mm x 313mm
Label: Kana Music (Japanese import)

Price: £79.99

NOTE: This is a Limited Edition product. If/When it appears as out-of-stock we do not expect there to be more stock available.

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