Tokyo Ghoul OVA "Jack" & "Pinto" - Blu-ray/DVDCollector's Edition



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This collection of two OVA episodes, never-before-released in English speaking territories, delves into the past, before the events of the smash-hit Tokyo Ghoul anime series.


Dive into the world of Tokyo Ghoul once again for two stories set in a dark world where ghouls lurk among humans.

In "Jack", see the early days of Kisho Arima's life as both a high school student and one of the youngest CCG investigators. See him team up with a high school delinquent by the name of Taishi Fura to hunt down a brutal ghoul known as Lantern.

Meanwhile in "Pinto" discover more about fan favourite Shu Tsukiyama, aka the Gourmet, as he meets Chie Hori for the first-time. Find out how thje avid photographer captures Tsukiyama on camera for the first time and how their friendship begins to blossom from there.

NOTE: Both OVA episodes are in Japanese with English subtitles only. (There is no English dub for either of these which is why they're subtitled only.)

Packaging and Physical Contents

Comes packed in a rigid case with a digipack to hold the Blu-ray and DVD discs. Also included 6 art cards depicting illustrations/art created for these OVAs.

Product Details

Product Details

Release Date: September 2017
BBFC Cert: 15
Format: Blu-ray+DVD
Region: B | 2

Episodes: 2 OVAs.
Audio: Japanese only
Subtitles: English

SRP: £29.99

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