Unwanted Undead Adventurer Volume 3 (Light novel)



Written by Yu Okano with illustrations by Jaian.


Rentt Faina has successfully overcome the menacing tarasque standing between him and the Dragon Blood Blossoms he seeks. But then, deep in the Tarasque Swamp, a well-dressed man appears before Rentt, offering him a quest on behalf of the revered Latuule family…

Rentt visits the Latuules, only to find himself trapped in a maze! As he looks for a way to reach the Latuule manor, Rentt stumbles across an opening with beautiful roses and...a table with teacups?

"Are you giving up?"

Will Rennt make it out undead enough to achieve his objective of becoming a Mithril-class adventurer?! A young girl's invitation to teatime may be Rentt's only means of escape!

Product Details

Release Date: 17/02/2022      
Pages: 288

SRP: £10.99

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