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BEASTARS: Season 1 Soundtrack - Vinyl Deluxe Edition



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About this title

The latest in our AllTheAnime Music range is the soundtrack to the smash-hit NETFLIX series , BEASTARS. Available as a limited edition 3 x 12" LP vinyl Deluxe Edition set that also features a 124-page art book and replica poster as seen in the series.

A must for fans of the series!

Product Details

Packaging and Physical Contents

- 48 tracks over spread over 3 LPs, each disc with their own sleeve to keep them in too.

-A mammoth 124-page hardback art book that will be split 3 sections, plus a credits section at the end. The 3 sections being

  • Characters, pretty self explanatory but this section will focus on a variety of specific character art.
  • Building A World, this section will being a whole host imagery from the behind-the-scenes of the series. From the likes concept art, 3D models and more!
  • Image boards; featuring some promotional material for the series

- A (21x30cm) replica of the poster you see in the series promoting the play they’re putting on at the academy.

- And this will all come packed inside a rigid slipcase so you can keep all the contents neatly and safely stored away too.

Track list

1. BEASTARS (01:08)
2. BEASTARS -classical- (00:35)
3. Cannibalism (03:27)
4. ROUIS the BEASTAR (00:37)
5. Impending darkness (01:44)
6. Devour this… (01:43)
7. BEASTARS -another side- (00:54)
8. Many Stories (02:21)
9. The Limits (03:02)


10. President of the Academy (02:59)
11. Cherryton Academy (01:49)
12. Harlequin Rabbits (01:44)
13. The status of a hero (00:30)
14. Hope of this world (01:13)
15. The garden of temptation (01:44)


16. Impatience (01:22)
17. Animal’s whisper (01:30)
18. ROUIS’s heart (00:52)
19. A Tale of Moon (00:54)
20. My life to the fullest (02:52)
21. ROUIS’s feelings (02:11)
22. Whereabouts of truth (01:17)


23. My true self (01:54)
24. Carnivores (01:20)
25. One and the same (01:51)
26. Bite me! (01:04)
27. BEASTARS -pf solo- (01:49)
28. A Tale of Moon -feel- (00:12)
29. Harlequin Rabbits -reprise- (01:59)
30. Renewed LEGOSHI (00:56)
31. Herbivores instinct (01:06)
32. Two animals (01:20)
33. My true self -slow- (01:37)


34. Invisible World (00:39)
35. Back market (02:12)
36. The keeper (01:05)
37. LEGOSHI’S feelings (02:11)
38. A Tale of Moon -reprise- (01:21)
39. Carrot and stick (01:28)
40. We are chicken (01:31)


41. JUNO is in love (02:31)
42. ROUIS’s heart -remember- (00:48)
43. SHISHI-GUMI (01:23)
44. Invasion (01:17)
45. Fighting animals (01:43)
46. BEASTARS -will- (02:15)
47. JUNO is in love -adult- (00:55)
48. BEASTARS -wolf and rabbit- (03:55)
    Product Details

    Product Details

    Release date: 26/07/2020
    Format: 12" 180g vinyl record
    Playback speed: 33rpm
    Packaging size: 313mm x 313mm
    Label: All The Anime Music
    Cat. no.: ANIM0014

    SRP: £99.99

    NOTE: This is a Limited Edition product. There will be no reprinting of this of the product. Once it appears as out-of-stock we do not expect there to be more stock available.

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