Tokyo Ghoul OVA "Jack" & "Pinto" - Blu-ray



This collection of two OVA episodes, never-before-released in English speaking territories, delves into the past, before the events of the smash-hit Tokyo Ghoul anime series.

Dive into the world of Tokyo Ghoul once again for two stories set in a dark world where ghouls lurk among humans.

In "Jack", see the early days of Kisho Arima's life as both a high school student and one of the youngest CCG investigators. See him team up with a high school delinquent by the name of Taishi Fura to hunt down a brutal ghoul known as Lantern.

Meanwhile in "Pinto" discover more about fan favourite Shu Tsukiyama, aka the Gourmet, as he meets Chie Hori for the first-time. Find out how thje avid photographer captures Tsukiyama on camera for the first time and how their friendship begins to blossom from there.

NOTE: Both OVA episodes are in Japanese with English subtitles only. (There is no English dub for either of these which is why they're subtitled only.)


Product Details

Release Date: 28/08/17
BBFC Cert: 15
Format: Blu-ray
Region: B

Episodes: 2 OVAs.
Audio: Japanese only
Subtitles: English

SRP: £17.99

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