Unwanted Undead Adventurer Volume 1 (Manga)



Featuring story by Yu Okano and art by Haiji Nakasone.


It’s been ten years since Rentt Faina, a luckless Bronze-class adventurer, set his eyes on becoming Mithril-class. Unfortunately, he finds himself helpless when confronted by a legendary dragon in the Water Moon Dungeon...and is summarily eaten. But Rentt has miraculously reawakened...as a skeleton?!

Making his way back to civilization is going to be a challenge when he can barely walk, let alone hold a sword. And the good people of Maalt won’t take kindly to a monster in their midst. Can some magic techniques and a chance encounter provide Rentt’s salvation?

Product Details

Release Date: 16/09/2021      
Pages: 168

SRP: £10.99

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